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Lecture time: every Tuesday from 9:00 ~11:00 AM.

Place: 1206, office hours: Tuesday 1:00 ~2:00 & Wednesday 1:00~2:00.

Planned Lectures: (tentative)

1Fundamental concepts: neuron models and basic learning rules. 
2Shallow Neural Networks, build a neural network with one hidden layer, using forward propagation and backpropagation. 
3Deep Neural Networks- I 
4Deep Neural Networks- II 
5Optimization Algorithms 
6Hyperparameter Tuning, Batch Normalization 
7Midterm Exam
8Foundations of Convolutional Neural Networks 
9Deep Convolutional Models: Case Studies (transfer learning) 
10Sequence Modeling: Recurrent and Recursive Nets 
12Structured Probabilistic Models for Deep Learning 
13basics of Deep Generative Models 

Lab plan: to be announced.