Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills 5 August 2023

  • Strict by 8 ~ 12 lines per each slide.
  • Strict to allowed presentation time,40 —  60 seconds per  slide is the  standard.  If you are  allowed 20 minutes, prepare 20 — 30 slides. .
  • Look to presentation audience instead of continuous reading from pc screen, Knowing that
    • Looking presentation audiences …. Excellent!
    • Looking screen ….. Fine!
    • Looking PC screen …. Bad!
  • Start presentation by clear self introduction  “My name is …., today i would like to talk about ……..”.
  • First 2–3 slides… speak clearly and slowly, Name should be pronounced slowly.  Title should be pronounced clearly.
  • Whenever you refer to previous work or used technique you must put a reference in your presentation and link to it.
  • When you specify some technique to use it is good to state merit of this techniques and purpose of usage.
  • Record and memorize every question you get during the presentation from the audience, it is better to do it immediately.
  • Always make the answers to audience questions consistent with you presentations slides.
  • It is good to prepare set of questions to present in case no one has something to ask and also specially when you are chairing a session.
  • Define problem well and introduce proposed solution in a very clear way.
  • Provide you presentations with simple and clear pictures.
  • Graphical notations are powerful than texture notes.
  • If you give an example about your work try to be general and don’t go in very detailed things, overall summarized example is good.
  • If presentation is chapters then try to put published work of each chapter.
  • Low voice
  • Confusion between a reference work and your own opinion work.
    • Emphasize your original points. Distinguish
      (1) general background, general explanation,
      (2) your own view/approach for the problem, and
      (3) your own work.
  • Using first letter capital of each word inside the content of the presentation.
  • Negative answers and poor unreasonable answers.
  • Giving a smile of impoliteness.
  • Spelling Mistakes and grammar errors.
  • Answering things that you don’t hear well, If you do not understand the question, you should ask to the questioner. Prepare several ways to ask the meaning of the questions.
  • Motivations cant be on general topics.
  • Contributions must not be general things and originality points must be clear and focused.
  • Long introductions are not preferred by attendees.
  • Many drawbacks in a single presentation means the thesis is weak.
  • Avoid general drawbacks that are not direct related to your work.
  • If your presentation is divided to chapters do not put related work for each chapter separately it is confusing.
  • When divide presentation to sections avoid overlapping it makes attendees lost.
  • Avoid mixing general topics and emphasized parts.
  • Font color must be Black, avoid pale colors.