Personal Information
Family Name Atia
First Name Ayman
Given Name Mohamed Ezzat Abdelsalam
Nationality Egyptian
Date of birth 20 October 1978
Place of birth Cairo
Emails ayman at fci dot helwan dot edu dot eg
ayman at fcih dot net
Web site Click Here
Marital Status Married
Religion Muslim
High School Omar Ebn Elkhatab Language English School 95~96
Bs.c Faculty of Computers and Information science  Helwan University July 2000 second on my colleges, Excellent with Honor Degree.
Master Post graduate study Faculty of Computers and Information science  Helwan University May 2001.
Masters Degree in computer science “Building Object Oriented Framework for Websites Development Applications” Faculty of Computers and Information scienceĀ  Helwan University January 2004.
PhD on computer science “Interaction with gestures in ubiquitous environments”, March 2011. University of Tsukuba, Japan.
Other Studies
MCP in VC++ 6.0 desktop applications
MCP in VC++ 6.0 distributed applications.
MCP in Business analysis and requirements.
MCP in Building web applications using Interdev
Microsoft certified solution developer MCSD 2001 Juan Lopez - Resume