Graduation Projects

Templates needed for Graduation Projects

Proposal Guide

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

Software Design Document

Final Thesis Template

For any proposal try to follow the following:

Participating teams should submit their Projects Abstracts in PDF format containing the below information:

  •   Project Title
  •   Names of Team Members
  •   Name of Mentor (faculty)
  •   Affiliated University Name
  •   Problem Statement
  •   Objective and Originality
  •   Expected Impact of the Project
  •   Technical Requirements (hardware/software)

The submitted abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Relevance, originality, significance and expected contributions and impact. 

Competitions 2018

  1. TOTAL Startups:
  2. DELL EMC :
  3. Imagine Cup:
  4. Tiec Incubation:
  5. Valeo:
  6. Startup Reactor:
  7. NBD Emirates Bank :
  8. EgyptIOT:
  9. Cairo Invent:
  10. BELL Labs Priza :
  11. GESR: 
  12. Alecsoapps Prize:
  13. IEEE Global Student Challange:
  14. Orange Social:
  15. Made in EGYPT
  16. ITWORX :
  17. Injaz Egypt:
  18. Innovate Egypt :
  19. Samsun Entaleq:
  20. Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT):
  21. General Electric with TIEC:
  22. Vodafone : 
  23. Qatar 22 Challange: open until 12 December
  24. ITIDA GP support (10,000 LE)
  25. Microsoft ATL Fund (not regular)
  26. Young Innovation Award
  27. Egyptian Engineering DAY
  29. ITAC
  30. Nahdet Elmahroosa

Graduation Projects Important lectures:

Starting a GraduationProjects_7_Scientific Method 2023

Starting a Graduation GraduationProjects_3_Scientific Method

Presentation Skills Soft Skills (1) Presentation Guide Lines

Writing Proposal, Graduation Projects “us and Them: Guide to select Graduation Project Idea” Writing Proposals

Writing SRS Lecture

Software Design document Writing SDD

Writing Research Paper

Dr Ayman Ezzat Previous years supervised graduation projects

  • 2023
    • Mohamed Abdelazim Ahmed Emam Evaluation of Presenters skills
    • Kerols Hany Youssef Ayman Field harmfull insects detection using machine learning
    • Abdallah Mohie Abdallah Magdy Chicken behaviour
    • Mahmoud Hamido Khaled Essam A framework for activity monitoring and pose recognition
    • Moamen Ahmed Dema Rat Behaviour Analysis
    • Omar Atta A framework for crack detection
    • Nour Ashraf Fish behavior tracking and summarization in AquaFarms
    • Zeyad Mostafa Neonatal calves illness prediction
    • Omar Tarek Video montaging and Summarization
    • Mohamed Ibrahim Video montaging and Summarization
  •  2022
    • Abdallah Ayman Abuzaid Exploring local meat using machine learning
    • Abdelaziz Ashraf Shrimp Disease classification and behavior detection
    • Ahmed Hamada Abozaid Online Exam Cheating Detection
    • Ali Khaled Moustafa Kassem Identifying Mental Illness by Detecting Facial Expressions and Body Poses
    • Andrew Ayman Edward Sadek Dental implant recognition and classification with Convolutional Neural Network
    • Andrew Zaky Naguib iRats: Intelligent system for rat behavior analysis
    • Eriny Wessa Parallelization of one and two dimensional bin packing
    • Habiba Mohamed Brain Tumor classification using Machine Learning
    • Mario Nady Shoukry Multi modalities analysis in profiled learning
    • Mohamed Amr Samir Applying Deep Learning to Track Food Consumption and Human Activity for Non-intrusive Blood Glucose Monitoring
    • Mohammed Ahmed Matboli Ensemble model for Fruit Diseases Classification
    • Omar Magdy Tawfik Human Activity Recognition in car Workshop
    • Omar Tarek Forensic Document Examination of Handwritten Signatures Using Deep Learning
    • Salma Tamer Swimming System Tracker For Enhancing Butterfly Stroke
    • Youssef Maged Sabry Estimation of Glucose Levels Using Smartwatches containing ECG Sensors
  •  2021
    • Intrusion detection using AI and Deep Learning, Mohab Sameh
  •  2020
  • 2019
    • Smart real time system for assisting swimmers in free style strokes, Mohammed Ehab Swilam, Hossam Mohammed, Mostafa Hammad, Muhammed ahmed
    • Smart Coaching, Enhancing Weightlifting & Preventing Injuries: Ammar Yasser, Mahmoud Fahmy & Nour Ashraf, Doha
    • Trackify: A Robust System For Preserving Money Transactions
      Kareem Mohameda, Amr Aziza, Belal Mohameda, Khaled Abdel-Hakeema, Mostafa
  •  2018
  •  2017
    1. Cheating Hunter : A ubiquitous environment to detect exam cheating,  Mohamed kamal, Eslam Mohamed, Karim Alaa, Omar Tarek, Mahmoud Magdy, Mohamed Desoky under Co-Supervision Dr. Ghada Khoriba
    2. Amelio-rater: Detection of Driving Abnormal Behavior and Road Anomalies for Automated Ratings Mariam ElAshram, Noha AlMasry, and Passant El-Dorry
  •  2016
    1. Rapid-Aid – Mobile Merged Reality and Virtual Interaction, Amr Magdy El-Shazly, Mahmoud Mohamed Omar, Youssef Hassan Emam
    2. Framework For Object Sticking Gestures Abdelrahman Mahmoud , Doaa Alaa , George Alber, Omar Ahmed
  • 2015
    1. ARENA:Augmented reality framework, Abdelrahman Badr, Ahmed Aladdin, Ali Abdallah, Hossam Gamal, Kirollos Magdy, Mina Medhat
    2. SCOTT: Survilliance Camera on Tangible Table, Abdelrahman Tarek, Ehab Soliman, Mahmoud Abdelhamid, Mohamed Hossa El-Din, Mohamed Najeeb, Mohamed Tariq
    3. Alive: Augmented reality social network around tangible objects, Ahmed Gamal, Eslam Mostafa, Hesham Hossam, Mohamed Hamed, Waleed Hesham, Yasser Abdelaziz
    4. Medika – Medical Augmented Reality Solution For Fast Data Retrieval,  Amgad Mohamed Serry, Anwar Mohamed Reda El Wakil, Nour El-Din Ahmed El-Sobky, Waleed Medhat Halaby
    5. Vehicle Accident Prevention ”VAP ” : Khalid galal, Ahmed mostafa ,Anwar mohammed , Mohammed hesham
  •  2012
    1. Remote interaction with augmented shared objects, ahmed Abdelkader, Abdo Ahmed, Abdulrahman Yasser, Mohamed hamed, Mohamed Hosny, Youssef Mahmoud
    2. Interaction with augmented reality for educatiuonal support, Ahmed Hamed, Wafaa Ahmed
    3. Learn on the go, Mohamed Mostafa, Hazem hamdy, Ahmed Amr
    4. Intuitive interaction techniques for medical doctors in ubiquitous enviroments, Motaz Ahmed, Albaraa Ahmed, Sherif Esmat, Abdel-Halim Mohamed, Mohamed Abdelwadood
    5. Augmented reality for water building, Islam Hosny, Ahmed Elbahy,Karim Ahmed, Ahmed Samy
  • 2013
    1. Enriching Tangible User Interface with Everyday objects , Ahmed Moataz, Cherif Medhat and Ehab Ashraf
    2. RemoAct: Portable Projected interface and hand gesture interaction, Hussam SaadAdeen, Abdelrahman Essam, Ahmed Amin, Andrew Samy, Ehan Gharib, Mohamed Ahmed
    3. Prokiwii: A projected portable interface for enriching object scenarios with kinect and Wii remote, Ahmed Raafat, Ahmed Hany, Ahmed Rihan, Hassan Mazen, Mohamed Abdel Aty, Omar Magdy
    4. Hexart:Smart Merged Multi-Tocuh Tables, Abdullah Mohamed, Ahmed Samir, Alaa Essam, Esraa Mohamed, Moustafa Attia, Saleh Ahmed
    5. Interaction techniques for large display touch surfaces with extended wall displays in smart enviroments, Mohamed Thabet, Michael Louis, Ihab Maged