Computer Graphics

Tentative Syllabus for Computer Graphics

  • This course mainly for 3rd level students.
  • Prerequisite: Math 1, Math 2, Programming language-1 and -2.

Course Goals

  • Overview of core ideas in graphics and imaging
  • Modeling the world, image synthesis
  •  3D graphics: geometry, rendering, animation
  • Acquire core concepts and skills
  • Representations (geometry, images, transforms, …)
  • Algorithms (sampling, subdivision, ray-tracing, …)
  • Technology (GPUs, displays, cameras, …)
  • Games may be designed on mobile devices, in a client/server/browser environment, or on a standard personal computer using threading.

Main Reference:

Project: Interactive 3D Game

Grading: Project 30 Points, Midterm 15 points, Lab participation 5 Points

Lectures Topics (not limited to) Labs Topics(not limited to)
Lec 1
Introduction  Unity Installation , introduction
Lec 2, 3

-Intro to Geometry and Spline

-Animating via Simulation

-Nearest Neighbor Interpolation

– Catmull-Rom (for 2D/3D Hermite) Interpolation

– Bezier Curves

Animations  in  U N I T Y
Lec 4,5 Character Animation – Particles, Dynamics, Forces, Collisions in 3D Particle Systems and Rigid Body Simulation in Unity
Lec 6,7 Game Design, Interactivity, and AI Character Animation and Simulation
Lec 9,10 Advanced topics: VR
Lec 11,12 Advanced topics: AR